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Miss Kitty's Social Club

We are a registered chapter of the Red Hat Society #84928.
Miss Kitty is Queen

Requirements: A supporting member of the Red Hat Society.
Cost: $15 onetime fee. You will receive a badge and garter.

Our purpose:
We are fun loving group of ladies that like to costume and go to our annual convention. We have small events in a city or town that has some sort of a theme compatible to our costumes: Rhinestone Cowgirls - Saloon Girls, and Victorian.

You may want to start a Miss Kitty’s Social Club Sister Chapter in your own state and become the  (coordinator). You will be assigned a chapter # that needs to be used by all other sister members in your group.  We are asking for three members besides you, to start your sister chapter.  When more than one sister chapter is signed up in a state, then you can all get together to have tea, or any other event of your choice.

Remember, once you pay your Red Hat Society supporting membership fee of $20, you can join as many chapters as you want without paying another $20. Therefore, you can join with no additional cost to Hatquarters.

In Red Hat Love,
Miss Kitty
Queen of Miss Kitty’s Social Club
Editor of Yellow Roses Magazine

Info contact:
Miss Kitty’s Social Club
Mary Stopa –


Download the Registration Form Here (PDF File)
You will need the free Adobe Reader to open this file!

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Info contact:
Miss Kitty’s Social Club
Mary Stopa –



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